York Ghost Tour: Most Haunted Places in York England

York Ghost Tour: Most Haunted Places in York England

thanks for tuning into Amy’s Crypt today
I’m going to take you on a tour around the most haunted places in York England
which is rumored to be the most haunted city in all of Europe it’s an awesome
place full of all old medieval structures such as a wall that surrounds
the entire city which is actually what I’m standing on now but that’s enough of
that let’s go check out its ghost stories number ten Lund’s Court I am currently
standing in Lund’s Court which is formerly known as mad alice lane and the
reason being for that it is thought to be haunted by Alice Smith who has been seen
commonly gliding up and down the alleyway now Alice Smith was actually
executed at York castle in 1825 for her crime of being insane so let’s go take a
look number nine 41 Stonegate so this is our
next stop 41 Stonegate these days 41 Stonegate is actually a lovely little
antique store but it was once the home of a wealthy doctor who used to throw
lavish parties in this one his young daughter who was just 8 years old
actually died within the house and is now haunt the property she fell from the very top
all the way down to the bottom after leaning over the banister to spy
on the party number eight Ye Olde Starre Inne so this is
the Ye Olde Starre Inne which is one of the most notoriously haunted places in York
the building actually dates back to 1644 though the cellars are actually a lot
thought to be a lot older which is where the first haunting takes place
supposedly there’s always screams coming from the cellars which is thought to be
from soldiers who were treated there or even died there because it was used as a
makeshift hospital during the English Civil War there are also two resident
ghost cats and an old lady said to haunt the inn number seven Micklegate Bar right now
I’m actually standing within Micklegate Bar which was the main entrance to York
through its massive medieval wall that surrounds the city from the south now
this is a bit of a creepy place because it is actually where they would display
the heads or other body pieces of traitors or wrongdoers on spikes just as a
warning to other people who may break the law but it is not their ghosts that haunt the area it is the ghost of a little girl named Sarah who is the daughter of
a Barbican which is the person who looks over this gate now the story goes is
that she had responsibility for her father’s keys but lost them as they were
very important she spent the rest of her life looking for them and it is told
that when she found the keys she died now she has been seen all along this
area and is the reason why this place is thought to be so haunted. alright guys off to our next stop number
6 Bedern right now I’m standing in the suburb of York known as Bedern this area
is supposedly quite haunted because many many years ago an orphanage existed here
which had some terrible terrible things happen at it the man who was responsible
for caring for the children at this orphanage was very greedy and he was
also had a bad reputation for being a drunk now a lot of the money that he
gained to care for these children was spent on himself which unfortunately led
to many of the kids dying out of hunger now supposedly he buried a lot of their
bodies around this area and some of them were actually uncovered as a lot of new
properties were built around here but during the winter when the ground was
too icy for him to dig into he was said to even store them in a cupboard in the
basement of the orphanage where they would rot and decay until he could
properly dispose of them this whole area is said to be haunted by those children
and a lot of the locals will report hearing screams and wails of pain from
the kids throughout the night number five York Minster just behind me
is the door to one of the most stunning and most haunted places in
York the York Minster has a few ghost stories the most famous happened in 1823
when a couple of ladies were separated from their group during a guided tour they
were taking of the Cathedral now they’d seen a man in a naval suit come up to
them and he walked right up to one of the ladies whispered something in her
ear and theyndisappeared it is said that he was actually that woman’s brother
who had died at sea and returned to tell her that there is life after death due
to a pact that they’d made while still living. now this place is also haunted by
a dog who’s disembodied barks can be heard from time to time. the poor
little fella was bricked up inside of the walls supposedly and then we have
another ghost who is often seen sitting on the Pew listening to sermons number four York brewery so I’m currently
sitting in the York Brewery which has a very cool ghost story which is related
to this there so it’s said that one of the now former employees that did work
here had a few drinks after his shift went down to the cellar and fell asleep
when he woke up he saw the ghost of a Roman soldier walk past him and now that
scared him so much that he ran off and never returned again but that story
inspired this which is the Centurion Ghost Ale Cheers number three the treasurer’s house I’m
now about to tell you what is perhaps York’s most famous ghost story it is
associated with the treasurer’s house which is just behind me the ghost story
is set back in 1953 when a man that named Harry Martindale was doing some
works plumbing works in the basement of this place now he heard the sound of a
horn off in the distance and just shrugged it off kept working and didn’t
think much of it this horn kept getting ever increasingly
louder and louder and then soon he looked over his shoulder and seen a
Roman horse cart and a whole troop of Roman soldiers walking through the
basement with him strangely they were all cut off at the knees now his story
gained a lot of weight years later when the ruins of an old Roman Road were
actually discovered underneath the treasurer’s house which suggests why all
the soldiers were cut off at the knees number two the plague house the next
place I’m about to take you to is known locally as the plague house but it is
actually number five College Street this is thought to be one of the most haunted
places in New York with the most commonly seen ghosts the house has a
small window on the front where the apparition of a small girl is often seen
she’s always clawing and scratching at the window as if she’s trying to get out
now a lot of passers-by who sight her have knocked on the door of the people that live at
the house really concerned asking hey what’s wrong with your daughter but the
funny thing is the people that live there do not have a young daughter so
the story of this young girl goes that the family who once lived in the house
many many years ago was really super fearful of contracting the black plague
what they did was they send out their young daughter to run errands such as
getting groceries from the local market or any supplies they needed and bringing
them back to the house now one day she returned and her mother found her with
black boils all underneath her eyes very sick very fearful she locked her in her
bedroom without telling her put her to sleep then spoke to her husband about
what she thought was wrong with her daughter that night they fled York
they put a big red X on the door of the house to warn other people of what was
inside and left their daughter to die alone inside her room now the sad thing
about this story is a lot of passers-by would have seen this little girl you
know begging for help at the window but everyone was too scared to enter and
assist her because of this big red X before I announce number one make sure
to hit subscribe number one the Golden Fleece inn right now I’m sitting in the
beer garden of the Golden Fleece pub which is said to be one of the most
haunted places in York I’ll take you inside and give you a look around in
just a sec but I really want to go over what makes this place so haunted it has
three really prevalent ghost stories the first is from Lady Alice Peckett who
used to actually live next door and was the wife of the mayor of York after
passing away she’s been sighted all throughout the Golden Fleece just
walking around then we’ve got a Canadian airman who after World War 2 was staying
upstairs in the top bedroom he somehow fell out of the top window to the street
below breaking his neck and has since been sighted in that bedroom many many
times and then we have one-eyed Jack who hangs out at the bottom bar and is
usually seen wearing a 16th century red coat we’ve got quite a few ghost stories
and they really embrace their haunted history there’s a bunch of skeletons
just hanging out at the bar and sitting in the beer garden at some of the tables
as well so I really love to show you around because this place seems like a
lot of fun thank you so much for watching I’d love
to know your thoughts on these haunted places or whether I’ve missed any so
please leave me a comment below if you did enjoy the video please remember to
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