You Can’t Catch a Cold in Summer!

You Can’t Catch a Cold in Summer!

[THEME MUSIC] – Why do people
call it that, then? – I don’t know, but I don’t
think scotch tape is made out of Scottish people. – They sound so similar. – I know– – Achoo! – Bless you. – Hey, guys, what are we doing? – Are you OK? – Oh, I feel awful. My nose is runny. My throat itches. I can’t stop sneezing. I don’t know what
it could be, though. – Do you think it’s
food poisoning? – My stomach feels
OK, but maybe, yeah. – Maybe it’s heat stroke. – Right, duh, heat stroke. – It’s hot. – Oh, yeah, I should
run myself an ice bath. – Yeah. – Thanks, Lily, I think
you figured it out. – What are you talking about? You clearly have a cold. [CONDESCENDING LAUGHTER] – [SNEEZES] What are
you talking about? – Christine, it’s summer. – So? – So it’s too hot to get
colds, because it’s summertime. – My money’s on food poisoning. I bet you ate some bad fish
sometime yesterday after Janie sneezed in your face. [BLOWS NOSE] – Oh, yeah, that fish was bad. – You got a call from Janie. – Oh, my god. Christine, are you dumb? It’s summertime. – It’s hot out. You can only get a cold– – When you come in contact– – –when it’s cold outside. – –with a virus. – Heretic! – I know, I know, I know, wait. We have to fight with this. Christine, what Lily
and I are saying is that you can only
get hot sicknesses when it’s warm out, like sun
poisoning or Bieber fever. – That’s not an illness. – OK, then why do
we both have it? – When you have a cold,
you get all bundled up, and you sit in front of a
fireplace, and drink hot tea. – Yeah, or, like, when I get
a cold, I turn into a snowman, and my mom has to
bring me inside, and feed me hot
chicken noodle soup until all the snow melts off. – This is so stupid. You have the chills. – Not possible. – Look, he’s shaking! – He has The Alabama Shakes. – That’s a band. – Oh, so you think
it’s Coldplay, then? – I think it’s a cold, because
despite your childish ideals you can catch a cold
anytime of the year, regardless of how inconvenient
or uncomfortable it might be. – But I’m so healthy usually. – Theo, you have a cold. – [SNIFFLING] What is this? What is this
feeling I’m feeling? – You’re just sad. – No, I’m not. I can’t be sad in the summer. – Are you dumb? – Hey, it’s Raphael. If you like CollegeHumor
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19 thoughts on “You Can’t Catch a Cold in Summer!

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  2. This is great. The characters are portraying so many logical fallacies. I have to use this in class sometimes

  3. “It’s not cold enough to have a cold”
    Try living in England it just started raining a few hours ago and didn’t stop for about an hour and it’s JULY

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