34 thoughts on “Your First Look at Summer House Season 4! | Bravo

  1. I figured this preview was coming soon since Vanderpump Rules came out yesterday with their's. Looks like the best season yet! I can't believe Lindsey and Carl are hooking up though. ?

  2. Dear Bravo,
    I attended BravoCon this past weekend, and the way you treated the shows that have people of color was truly disgusting. Don’t forget that RHOA and Married to Medicine have the highest ratings, views, and social media impressions out of all of the shows on the network. The fact that you continue to promote these stupid shows that promote drug and alcohol abuse is truly disappointing. Southern Charm Nola had double the views of this mediocre show Summer House and Summer House was invited to BravoCon and southern charm Nola was not. Myself and many people of color who attended BravoCon felt uncomfortable and truly disappointed at our experience.

  3. Why is this still going? no offence but watching 30 + years old just partying and sleeping with each other is so boring. I would love to see their lives in New York, careers and successes etc.

  4. I actually live in brooklyn and grew up on the north fork of long island. I spent my summers clubbing in the hamptons, going to boardy barn, Neptune's and summers. These are not I repeat NOT real new Yorkers. They don't even have accents!

  5. 1. Amanda is still gorgeous
    2. I feel like Lindsey is totally doing that to get at Everett
    3. I feel like Carl is totally doing that because he’s Carl
    4. Kyle doing something toxic?… no way!
    5. Seems like Danielle is irrelevant for another season
    6. Lastly, why did Bravo do that to Hannah on the thumbnail?…

  6. This is lit! I can't wait. Feb. 5th! New guy Luke = wow! Please don't bring back Jordan not even as a friend. He's ewww! Waste of time.
    Carl + Lindsay > Carl + Lauren = That's going to be fireworks to watch. She's going to lose her shit!

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