Your Rich Friend Who Travels All the Time (Hardly Working)

Your Rich Friend Who Travels All the Time (Hardly Working)

Inai inai baa! That’s peek-a-boo in Japanese! Oh my god, how are you? This is my friend Jenna! Como estas? Jenna’s always going on crazy adventures and travelling places I wish I could go to. Travel is so important. It leaves you speechless, and makes you a storyteller. Wow… Tell us a story. I took a picture with a donkey in Puerto Vallarta. So what’s your job? Professional nomad, student of life. I, got that from your Instagram. I think she means, what do you do that you can afford to travel so much? How can you afford not to? Travel, is the one thing you buy, that makes you richer. Her dad invented YouTube. Seriously, everyone should travel! No, I don’t think I can. I have so many student loans. I’m, poor. So was I, then I traveled. By boss says I can have two days off every week for my weekend. Where should I go? Ah, you have to go to Bali! Tickets are $1,500 and 25 hours each way. The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read but a page. You’re right. I booked it! I booked it… Yeah, I wish I could travel more, you know, but I only get 10 days vacation and… I’m already going to three weddings this year. Why do you let a man in a suit tell you when you get to be naked in the sun? Health insurance. Okay, so I’ll be in Bali for… 6 hours. If you in Bali you have to swing by Bangkok. I mean it is such a vibrant culture it would be irresponsible not to. There’s a five hour flight for $200 on an airline where, I think one of their planes recently disappeared? Live bold. Explore. Dream. Oooh, I booked it again! Murph, don’t listen to her! She isn’t enlightened, she’s just rich. Good experience, from travelling. Ok, and money. Look, travelling is not a necessity, and I’m happy you get to do it, but please don’t make us feel bad if we can’t. Wow. I feel like I really lost myself. But there’s one place I always know I can find myself. Travel. Guess it’s time for me to hop on a first class flight to Madagascar and stay in this palace I found on Airbnb. You know what they say. Take only memories. Leave only footprints. Why are you friends with her? She always brings me Turkish Delight! How did she get on a roof? Hi, I’m Emily from CollegeHumor. Did you like that video? Cool! Then click here for more videos, or click here to unlock secret features. Like, CollegeHumor videos showing up in your YouTube feed, or being subscribed to CollegeHumor. or or turning or turning that in to a gray subscribed Button

100 thoughts on “Your Rich Friend Who Travels All the Time (Hardly Working)

  1. ITS funny. We cant click on the right side no more for more videos. Guess the update screw their format. Lmao.

  2. It’s kind of nice to see Katie in a nice equalizer role before she was assigned the archetype of “clinically insane”

  3. Sooo I know this is irrelevant but when she said “come esta” i don’t know if she was trying to speak Spanish but in Spanish that means “like to be”?????

  4. I do travel a lot, but just in my country. Luckily, you can go to a wide variety of places in just a few hours: beach, mountains, old towns, desert, cities… and all in just a weekend.

  5. The only thing I've gotten from my limited travels is that one) every city no matter how different in appearance are pretty much the same experience. Two) you ain't a local. Three) we, the people of NYC, are fucking pigs. Four) you better have something planned if you don't want to end up doing the same shit you do in your own city. Five) don't behave like everything is good with the place you are visiting, some people will get upset. And six) you will most certainly only pick up four to seven phrases of tbe native language.

  6. Well, instead of making fun of people who travel, just research the ways to travel cheaply. It is very easy. If you have or can borrow a car and have a tent there are already soo many opportunities. But for some reason in those 2 days that people have, they choose to watch YouTube videos rather than explore what they can.

  7. I find this skit to be funny and relevant, however i disagree when it says travel is not a necessity. Well I guess I agree it isn't a necessity but it is very important to understand that not everyone lives the way you do and there are more ways to live than the one you were born to. Unfortunately, money is a necessity to travel. It's sad how most middle class Americans cant afford to travel anymore, and that airline tickets are so expensive. In many western european countries travel is considered an essential part of growing up and people can do it because flights are cheap and people actually make enough to save for a vacation. College education is more affordable or even free in some places, and healthcare is either free or reasonably affordable. Ironically, I know this because I was privileged enough to travel, but its honestly crazy how many people don't see travel as a privilege there, because ordinary people have the means to do it.

  8. "I'm poor…"

    "so was I….then I travelled…."

    I was poor, then I travelled to London two months ago and I absolutely fell in love with this wonderful city, but right now I'm still poor. God damn it!.

  9. I live in a country where most people are like this. And everyone hates tourists from this country

  10. Travelling like an idiot to everywhere to “explore oneself and live the life” is the most horseshite Thing ive ever heard. For me spending time with the loved ones or going somewhere, where I know someone important is waiting for me is much better than that bull crap

  11. Travelling is not that expensive. I live in Asia and I fly to Europe like 4 times every year. Just avoid expensive places and find some cheap tickets. Most of the money are money you need to spend at home anyways. Maybe waste less money on your cloth, your iPhone, shoes, or concert tickets. Then you have money to travel. I hate people who call themselves poor, while they are wasting their money on trash

  12. I feel silly writing this on a satirical video, but it's always useful to remember that these people are never actually as happy as they seem. Clearly this woman (or the character anyway) is unable to empathize with other people so she'll never be able to make real connections, which are the key to happiness from an anthropological viewpoint, because humans are social creatures.

  13. Id like to travel. But I can't even afford to get to the store so when I have a source of income I'll save.

  14. If you live in Europe there is almost no way to have too little money to travel, mostly thanks to WizzAir and RyanAir.

  15. They didn’t point out Bangkok is not in Bali? I guess that was just for anyone with basic geographical knowledge then.

  16. As an unsuccessful travel blogger I will admit travel does cost money.
    We keep our living expenses really low when we are home. Like crazy low.
    I would say though if travel is honestly a huge priority for you try working for an airline.
    Pay isn't always great but the benefits are amazing.

  17. That friend is me. I don't even like travelling. My parents do though and that's why I have to travel.

  18. I travel every week for work and I’m all over the country. Although I don’t have much time to explore, I refuse to get instagram because I want to avoid coming off like these types of people.

  19. "Alright, name what countries you've been to this year!"
    "Spain, Sweden, Russia, Bangkok, Japan,France,Madagascar,Tanzania, Portugal,Turkey,Iraq,Pakistan,Iran, Germany,Australia,New Zealand,Finland,Norway,Italy,Uganda,and 17 more places!

  20. "lunch out costs $10. You can afford to travel, you just don't want to put in the effort."

    Bitch, if I cut a meal, I eat nothing!

  21. I live in shanghai and its like super cheap to travel to Bali Thailand and Japan. I mean its probably cuz ur in the united states… I traveled to Bali for 10 days and plane tickets, living, activities and food was only around 500 dollars.

  22. Travelling has taken on grotesque proportions. The public health insurrance in my tiny debt ridden country spends 1 millions euros a month to help people who need medical care abroad. That and all of pollution… jikes. Sometimes I take a train to London or drive to France from Belgium, but damn am I always relieved to be back home. And so are most people.

  23. I travel because my husband likes to. But I personally think it’s overrated! Travel is so expensive, stressful and time consuming to plan. and I’m such a home body that I find myself looking forward for the trip to be over so I can sleep in my own bed ?

  24. People like to travel just so they have material to post on Facebook and Instagram, bragging to the world what a great and exciting life they have. I don’t buy it?

  25. Well, the thing I do is putting as much money as I can on the side. Of course, it is easier for me since I am European because an 1hour flight can get you into 5 different countries and it costs 50 euros.

  26. I'm trying to travel while I can. In University i have a lot of free time in summer and i also have a big enough scholarship so i can fund most of my trips with my own money and take some from my parents. I probably won't have such an opportunity when i start living on my own and working so I do it while i can.

  27. Dudes, just travel to a park near your house and take a leisure stroll. If you live within an hr or two from Disneyland, Disney downtown is free. Same for the beach… There are tons of free places you can "travel" to for very low cost. Even in Oklahoma, there are quite a few places to enjoy at no cost.
    It's cliche but I think this really is a "state of mind" thing.
    Here's a trick I use to help fund larger trips: setup direct transfer from your checking to your savings acct when paycheck hits. Even if you start with $5, increase it to $10 then $20, etc. After a while, you won't feel the pain while racking up a decent travel fund.

  28. I traveled to Paris, London, holland Switzerland maldives twice egypt dubai usa Hawaii turkey ?? Austria and i feel i dont travel much ?

  29. The US calls itself rich, but 90 percent of its populace is kept below the income where the can travel. Sucks for them

  30. If I've got the time to travel, this is how I do it. Workaway is a great site(there are others like it). Basically people post their work projects. Essentially they're kind of like internships. I'm very particular in which one I choose because you'll basically be living there so it has to be the right setup. Some of them provide room and board in exchange for work and those are the ones you want. Hotels and food are two of the biggest traveling expenses and if you can eliminate that, that's a huge plus. I preferably choose a place that has work that actually interests me and will benefit me in the future. You might be saying, wait so you go to work on your vacation? It sounds bad but there are definite benefits. You end up meeting up a lot of people. In some cases this might be bad haha, so it's good to keep a second work project as a backup. It's nice to have pleasant planned out vacations, but sometimes they can be a little boring. You get weeknights and weekends off to do the whole tourist thing. This may not be everyone's cup of tea but for me it's just a sweet experience.

  31. When living in Key west in a house with 8 roommates the girl who had grown up in foster care could never figure out why she couldn't be as "free spirited" as the girl who's dad had played for the colts. I the square up tight guy was scrapping and saving every dime to pay my student loans from Penn state and take classes at Florida keys community college at the same time. ???? of course those who do well have the right to destroy their adult children by taking care of them.

  32. I only wish to be rich enough to travel more than 10 + times every year like it's such a breeze… sadly, that's not my reality.

  33. rich traveler friends are bad, but so are white middle class traveler friends who go to third-world asian countries ~bagpacking~ with free visas for sex tourism then sitting around on the sides of the street begging locals to ~fund their dreams~ of traveling :))))))))))))))))))) signed, a pissed off southeast asian who cant afford to get visa to travel to europe

  34. Back when I was in school, I was too poor to go anywhere. I spent all of my spring, summer, and winter breaks working. I was 25 when I was done with grad school. Afterwards, I was lucky to get a decent-paying job, so I started traveling 1-2 times a year, every year, for the past 10 years.
    At this point, I'm honestly a little tired of traveling. But I'm grateful and feel fortunate that I have had the experiences.

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