YouTube Rewind 2019 Visa2explore I India Tourism

YouTube Rewind 2019 Visa2explore I India Tourism

Namaskar! I wish you and all your family members a very Happy New Year 2020! In this video, I am going to share the top travel experiences of the year 2019. But before that, let me tell you my travel plans for the year 2020. I have Haryana on my mind! Lucknow! In the North, this year I want to travel to Leh, Ladakh! In the Northeast, I want to go to Arunachal Pradesh. And in 2020, I also want to visit at least one state out of Manipur & Tripura! There is Andaman, there is Karnataka and several other states where I want to go! But the fact is that in a year’s time, I can visit a maximum of 7 or 8 states. I will try to travel to as many places as I can and show you around India in a better light. Now I will tell you the top experiences of 2019. It was a difficult task to follow any order while making this list. Like the idli sambar that I had in Chennai, I liked it very much. I still remember its taste! Now how can I compare that taste with that of Bajre ka Sogra that I had in Rajasthan. So, this is difficult as well as illogical! This is the reason that I will be sharing top two food and top two sightseeing experiences from each state. We began 2019 with Kolkata travel Next time, whenever I will go to Kolkata, the first thing I will eat will be Sandesh! This sweet is a unique one! What is this thing! Ufff! Chhena in this form and with such taste! I don’t have words to define this taste! The taste of the chicken stew in Kolkata was absolutely exclusive! Truly ultimate! It is really beautiful to see how the flavour of raw papaya has been married with chicken in this dish! Too good! During my last visit to Kolkata, I could not visit Eco Park. Apart from the replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World, there is lot more to see here. One more thing – Whenever you go to Kolkata, do visit the Indian Museum. When you enter this museum, it feels like you’ve stepped into history. There is a separate zoological gallery dedicated to mammals. We saw mammal skeletons in the gallery. Some of the specimens are from India while some have been brought here from other countries. Some of the specimens belonged to Western Gorilla, Elephant, Giraffe, Whale! The original skeletons of all these mammals have been preserved and….. …have been polished to give these specimens a better look. Looking at these specimens, it is not difficult to imagine the world as it must have been thousands of years…. ….and the kind of life in that world. Rest, for your information, Kolkata is a haven for foodies. I enjoyed the food here. When do you open the shop in the morning? The shop opens at 4 am and by 5 am, we are ready for business. You mean jalebi is ready at 5 am? Everything! Every food item! Kachori, Singhara, Tea, everything! Very good! Commendable! After Kolkata, I went to Assam for an 18 day long journey. Kaziranga National Park is known for the one-horned rhino! To go on a wild life safari in this park is a wonderful experience! Wow! What a moment! Just 20 meters from us, two elephants, right in the middle of the path! There is Orchid restaurant right near Kaziranga, where I ate vegetarian thali! I enjoyed the taste there and they serve a large variety of food items. Every dish tastes different! I mean to say I am enjoying new experiences in Assamese cuisine! Then we watched a beautiful folk dance performance at the same restaurant. If you want to learn in detail about the legendary Ahom dynasty, you must visit Sivasagar. You can visit a number of monuments here and it would be better to opt for a guided tour. We got to know in detail about the Ahom kingdom. And for lunch, we had something which we do not get to eat usually. This was a really exclusive experience for me. When I meet my channel subscribers, they invariably tell me that… ….the series that they enjoyed the most are that of Sikkim, Kerala & Uttarakhand. We spent almost a month in Uttarakhand. We began our journey on May 12th from Haridwar…. …and came back to Haridwar on June 11th. If you haven’t seen the Uttarakhand series, then for your information,… ….Uttarakhand has two main regions. Garhwal and Kumaon! We did the Char Dham yatra in the Garhwal region. We also did the pilgrimage to Shri Hemkunt Sahib. In the course of this one month, it is a difficult & impossible task to enumerate two top experiences. To undertake the Dham Yatra in the mountains is a truly divine experience. Apart from Dham yatra, one more thing that I really enjoyed was…. …the visit to the Tipri Bisht village near Uttarkashi. The way we were welcomed by the villagers. We also enjoyed traditional food in the village. And also saw the folk dance presented by the villagers. I still remember that day fondly. Now let us speak about the famous state of North East – Meghalaya. We completed our Meghalaya tour in 15 days. If you ask me what I enjoyed the most in Meghalaya…. …..I would say Mawphanlur. This place a different, totally different landscape. I cannot believe my eyes, what a location it is. See that is Mawphanlur spread in front of me! Meghalaya has 3 main regions. Khasi Hills, Jaintia Hills and Garo Hills. Each region has its own charm of travelling. Next time, when I go to Meghalaya, I would love to explore Garo Hills in detail. Especially, South Garo Hills. If you love eating non-veg food…. …you will get a lot of choices to explore with! A lot of people assume that there won’t be much vegetarian food variety available in Meghalaya. But the truth is that in a lot of restaurants here, you will get to eat pure vegetarian food. Even while talking about the local traditional food… …the choice in vegetarian food is very limited. Our last travel destination of 2019 was Odisha. The Oriya food that we ate in Bhubaneswar… I found the taste to be very authentic. I still remember that taste! Oh God! Really ultimate! The flavour of mustard is overriding this dish. The original flavour of mushroom is amazing too! The Chhena Poda that I ate in Puri…. ….that was a different taste! I truly enjoyed it! Chhena is super fresh and this burnt taste is amazing! Both these factors make a rocking combination with the sugar syrup. When you come to Puri, you must eat it. You will appreciate it just like I am doing right now. Whenever you will come to Odisha, you will definitely visit the Shree Jagannath Temple. You will feel a totally different experience there. If I say it in brief, you will feel very positive vibrations inside the temple complex. You will feel the same when you will visit the Shree Jagannath Temple. There are a lot of options for sightseeing in Odisha. But I feel that Odisha tourism needs some marketing. Like if we talk about South Odisha, we can talk about Deomali Hills. It is an amazing place! In East Odisha, in Bhubaneswar, Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves. There are several other examples but these are my top two experiences. We finished Odisha tour in a total of 19 days. We started our Odisha journey from Cuttack. After that, travelling through Bhubaneswar and Puri, we reached Koraput. From there we went to Sambalpur in West Odisha, and then back to Cuttack. If you will keep supporting this channel like you have been doing in the past…. …we will keep bringing you the food, sightseeing and culture of different states in India. For your information, going forward, I will try to hold a live Facebook session once a month. I will give the details of the food & travel destinations mentioned in this video, in the description below. Once again, we wish a Happy New Year 2020 to you and your family members. Happy New Year! We will meet soon! Till then goodbye! Thanks for your time! Happy New Year to you from the Visa2explore Team!

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