Y&R Spoilers: Lola and Summer Battle Reignites | Kola marriage in danger

Y&R Spoilers: Lola and Summer Battle Reignites | Kola marriage in danger

Theo has had this deviated wish to break Kyle
and Lola’s marriage and have Lola for himself for some time now. Spoilers tease that Theo has an almost full-proof
way to realize his dream. Watch our full video to see what’s coming
up next for Kyle, Lola, and Summer. Before we get on with the video, we want you
to know that we make new videos every day. So, make sure to subscribe to our channel. Theo has been trying every possible way to
steal Kyle’s lady. He has been pushing Summer’s buttons about
Kyle but it’s not helping him. Theo is also flirting with Lola but that’s
not helping either. Theo knows it will take greater force to end
what is between Kyle and Lola. So he comes up with some evil tricks to end
the Kola marriage. According to the spoilers for the upcoming
week, tension will arise between Summer and Lola and that Theo will play the leading role
in the exploding conflict. We know, there has always been issues between
the ladies, which seemed to have settled after Summer donated her liver to Lola. Summer and Lola have been getting along pretty
well for months now. Lola did feel a little threatened by Summer
and Kyle’s friendship but her trust for Kyle has ultimately led to peace. But will Kyle feel the same for Lola and Theo’s
friendship? Perhaps Kyle’s trust issue will trigger
Lola and Summer’s battle. Spoilers say Summer will go to Lola and lay
out her concerns regarding their marriage. Summer insists to Lola that Kyle is right
to be wary about Theo and convinces Lola to keep her guard up. For a moment, Lola trusts Summer. Then she has this strange jealousy about Summer
trying to act like she knows Kyle better than his wife. Lola also disapproves of Summer accusing Theo
of pretending to be a changed man. The conflicting point of view could be the
reason Summer and Lola’s hostility erupts again and this could exactly be what Theo
has in mind right now. Since Kyle and Summer have a similar opinion
about Theo, viewers can expect Kyle to take Summer’s side if the Summer-Kola battle
ignites this time. Theo will undoubtedly take advantage of the
situation to win Lola’s heart and take over Kyle’s life.

6 thoughts on “Y&R Spoilers: Lola and Summer Battle Reignites | Kola marriage in danger

  1. theo is bad he just wants to mess with Kyles life because he dosent have one he just keeps obsessing over Kyle. hes jellouse Kyle didnt do anything to him theo caused his own issues hes no friend to anyone hes going to try an come between Kyle an Lola. hell lose an I know hes going to try an get Jabot I believe Ashley still wants the company. theo is a lier an a manipulater Lola still doesn't no what happened in new York she's going to be furious with theo shell hate that Kyle didnt tell her everything but shell be more angry at theo she tried to give him the benefit of the dought an he wasn't honest with her. pointless is in trust worthy also she dosent need to get in the middle like this with all the problems she's caused be fore an she still has a thing for Kyle nether pointless or theo will get what they want even if Kyle ends up with pointless it won't work thave been their to many times. an theo will lose big times for his deceit no mater what we the fans will route for our Kola love them ❤❤❤❤.

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