Zach King’s Best Summer Magic Tricks

Zach King’s Best Summer Magic Tricks

Okay, This video’s gonna be all about summer. Ready? I don’t like to push my friends in the pool, I like to throw them! You ready Josh?! It’s summer time, baby! What’s up! So, it’s summer time for most of you around the world, If it’s not, Summer time for your school you might want to look into that, But, most of everyone is out of school, So, i thought i would kick off the summer, With a fun compilation of some of my old summer videos, You’re showing us some of you old videos! That’s so lame! In the last couple of weeks, this channel got a lot of new followers so, I lot of you have not actually have seen my old videos so, Comment below if your school’s already out for the summer, And if you’re not, i’m so sorry, This is probably how you feel. I don’t know how many of you have summer jobs, But, i made this video because, when i’m at work, sometimes feel like, Dang it! I want it to be 5 o’ clock already! Oh, it’s 5 o” clock! Sweet! If you wanna win a water ballon fight, Use perspective. Water balloon fight! Because i’m working on some new summer videos right now, i’d love to know, What are some of your summer pet peeves, One of mine is my weakness to which is Slurpees, I love going to 7-Eleven getting a good slurpee, But, i always, Always get a brain freeze. Ahh! Brain freeze! Speaking of ice, This is a really old video. The ice bucket challenge. You ready? Aaaaahhhhh! Just a quick PSA, No running at the pool. Life-guarding. No running at the pool! It’s such an important message that, I made this video again. No running at the pool! Life-guarding. Hmm! I don’t know if this is just an American product, It’s probably around the world, but we have these things called Slip ‘n Slides. Where they shoot water on them, To get them wet and you slide down these long, they’re usually like yellow slides. Whoo, here we go! Aaaaaahhh! Whoo! Haha! Yes! Now, a lot of people do sport camps during the summer, They’ll do, umm, soccer! If you kick a soccer ball just right, You get a puppy! Or, they’ll do basketball, This is what i call a bicycle trick shot! Yes! Here we go! Whoa! One of the summer camp’s that i went to, when i was growing up in Organ, This is a true story, There was a five big camp, you would sleep over, and then on the last day, You would do like this horse day, And, i remember. I was in Junior High, My first time ever riding a horse, i got on this horse, And i knew i had the worst horse out of everyone, Cause i was like, the last kid to be put on a horse, And so, it was like the horse that no one ever liked, And within 5 minutes, we were on this little trail through the woods, I got bucked off. The problem is, my horse went running, And scared off some of the the other camper’s horses. So, me and like, A few friends will never ride horses since that day. For those of you who are in America, and you’ll be celebrating the Forth Of July in just a couple of days, DO NOT, DO NOT LIT A FIREWORK NO MATTER HOW SMALL IT IS, INSIDE YOUR HOUSE! But it’s a baby firework! Come on, come on! AHH! Thanks for hanging out guys! I’ll see you in just a few days with a new video! Subscribe if you wanna be notified and, Click here if you wanna see my latest video, Here’s another old fun video, I’ve gotta go!

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  1. This is winter and l live in India . State Andhra Pradesh and guntur city and housing board colony back of sai baba temple and 3rd lane Swathi sai apartements this is 2019 December 1st

  2. It's not soccer, it's called football
    And it's not 4th of July, it's the 2nd of July.
    Only a true person would like this comment

  3. In Australia we use big black tarps as our slip’n’slides and we use a hose to wet it but by the time we use it is is dry and hot AF

  4. আমি বাংলাদেশী Love you Zach king,
    কেও আমার মত কি Zach king কে ভালোবাস।

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