Before we start this video about Zakynthos because we ve seen a lot in this world and because there if somebody ask you “were is Zakynthos?” and you will not know Zakynthos is here More Specific here for last time This Is Zakynthos Zakynthos is known worldwide with the name: Zante or Flower of the East She is famous about the Shipwreck Beach The Church of Saint Dionysos and the statue of Dionysios Solomos and after this super fast refreshment we can proceed on the video on this video you saw footage from Yanni We wanted to start the blog at Zakynthos But we are on the lounge Thank you Sky express! Yanni let’s go. Zakynthos is waiting for us. Thank you. Have a good day. How do you feel in this SAHARA area? Definitely we are not in Zakynthos I don’t know if you can see the dust We re thinking if we want to fly the drone Typical question as usual We will fly I hate my life because Yannis took the perfect shot and i didn’t Well done Yianni Now we are going to the fort There is a difficult grade and & will find it closed because its late Yannis thinks its open Ah he is not believing me -Closed? -It is closed Location Scouting Yanni I know. First shoot done You can see Yanni with his coffee it’s this guy, here And the sea, is at the perfect temperature So first shoot done we are going at the other side of the island with the last destination the shipwreck Last, we have to show off the car look how much it rained and what it rained we took it black, look at the colour And we are at the car club of Zakynthos Luckily we‘ve heard this sound Speed & drift matches are tooking place Here goes the first Car club of Zakynthos because when you want to do this there is always a circuit waiting for you Yanni do you feel addicted? Wanna do the same? 3 – 2 – 1 GO! And its the moment were me and Yannis are eating on a tavern nothing special just a simple view it’s the annoying view, where you don’t need the drone Drone is useless now And we have the dessert look what we are going to eat a puppy! You are not a dog you are a candy Now we are watching the classic balcony of zakynthos me looking like a ninja turtle and Yannis we started following a path to see much better the Shipwreck than everybody else is watching it for the my dairy I am wearing swimsuit, that i didn’t used ok guys. can you see it? I am not going closer This sunset from the one side and the shipwreck from the other With this perfect colour we are back to the car It’s time to close the second day third day the weather is good with a bit of cloudporn we are doing a collection from the airport I can’t say what and our day is rolling at the beautiful Zakynthos. we are on a place, this day where we can flair not bad without practise, uh? Time for the drone We have Yanni We have Yanni Do you remember the video with the sea turtles? I will put here above Yanni to hide him. we already started our day with a lot of spit we are were we finished yesterday Archelon Now, what we are doing here we came to make a video about the island not for us but on the same time we are recording a back stage video did I said too much? everything good? who are you? – She is Persa! -Persa? Hello Persa! Hello I am Michael -I am Mika – Look how beautiful! The most beautiful dogs are on this island And you are nice & clean And Now under the rain we are going with Yannis to do outdoor shooting for this part It is one day before we go from Zakynthos we feel that we re going back extra full you can imagine what we heard and now we want to take some shoots at the vineyard We are on a Vineyard/Tavern/ a great man & a woman that we met A last thing I have a great idea about a new video series stay tuned I don’t know if they have to stay tuned but Zakynthos helped to inspire myself Thank you Zakynthos We are going to Shipwreck my friend Mr. Touloupakis, Mr. Andreou and Mr. Molindris! Yeahhh I made it! We are at the Shipwreck! And this is were we roll for now we are making history! Thank Dennis! Whats This? I just took a medal, doing nothing? For the first time a great event, is taking place and we are happy that had a happy end! It is simple we made history on flair! we have also Stoli Vodka! and one last question have ever seen more summer mood-Dimitris Andreou somewhere in this country? Back to the hotel and we are running at the airport but we are on time Helloooo so, as you see, we made it at the airport – of Zakynthos for business What else? Yanni? i hope the plane won’t delay a lot We highly strunged to be on time and finally flight is delayed YOLO Subscribe, LIKE and at Yannis Channel and Yannis begged me to speak low because he is shy -We are not in USA, where everybody vlogs so simple until the next time! Bye!


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