Zambia tourist visa on arrival | $50 USD

Zambia tourist visa on arrival | $50 USD

Don’t make the same mistake that I did. Hi travellers, I’m Anne’s daughter, Lileko. This video really applies if you’re planning on staying for more than 30 days in Zambia. So it says on the immigration website that visitors can be there for 90 days. It’s the information that I used to go, ok well, I can stay there for longer than a month, and I guess I’m putting this video out there for any of you travelling nomads or people who want to take extended trips. I was wrong. The website does not give exact information as to what you need to do. Zambia, it’s such a lovely place, you know, I would’ve stayed longer than month if I hadn’t enjoyed myself. So please check out the videos of what I’ve been doing while I’ve been here. Please consider subscribing as I put out new videos every week giving tips and strategies that may help enhance your travel experiences. When you get off the plane and there’s all the different queues, citizens, residents and the rest of us. Of course I’m a Kiwi so I joined the tourist queue. But you really don’t have to you can join any of the queues and they will process you anyway. Even you know if it says Zambian citizens, you can join that queue, that’s not a problem and you’ll probably get to your luggage faster. So it cost $50 on arrival. They also accept Rand as well and they will stamp your passport and you’ll be on your way. So don’t make this mistake that I did. I never opened my passport again. Until it was time to leave when I was back at the airport leaving. Basically what it says on the immigration website does not accord with what happens in reality if you’re staying over 30 days. So it’s very easy to get the visa on arrival. Yes, you just join the queue pay your money, they stamp it as usual and away you go and collect your luggage. What I was not told and I didn’t look for, and I’ve only been informed of this as I’ve gone through immigration as I’m leaving. Is that the woman had written in my passport 30 days from when I arrived and I never looked. She didn’t tell me she was doing it. You know, they do their business behind the desk. I never looked at it. Again, and apparently you are supposed to go somewhere. I’m still unsure where, to go and extend your visitor visa. So, of course when I came to leave and they’re like ‘you’ve overstayed’, I’m like ‘what I haven’t been here three months’, because I haven’t. ‘No you’ve been here longer than 30 days though, and where is your extension?’ ‘What? What?’ Unfortunately at that moment, you know, I didn’t have Wi-Fi reception to be armed so, you know pull up the website. That would have been really helpful, but it just seems to be like a money-making thing. But basically I’m just wanting you, do not get caught it out. I was very lucky and that they just let me through and it was an honest mistake that I made. Of course I always want to follow the rules of any country, but when it’s not posted on the immigration website, that actually your tourist visa is only valid for 30 days and you need to extend it. Then there’s no way on this magical earth that I would possibly know that’s the new ruling. And of course I’m sure that involves paying money. They wanted, the guy that was you know stamping my passport as I was leaving wanted to charge me because I’d overstayed. This is not a mistake I want to be making. I certainly don’t want to be on any blacklist for any countries. I would want to come back but certainly the way that this was handled, I actually kind of don’t want to come back to Zambia as a result of this. You know, it’s so easy to change your website because that’s all we as foreigners have is the information that is on your websites. We don’t know the ins and outs of, you know, money-making schemes that you’re trying to implement. And yeah, of course, I would have changed my plans totally and I would have been out in 30 days, had the immigration website told me. This is like a thing you just have to magically know. And I just feel like there’s other people out there in the world that don’t know this. I was so little over 30 days, I think maybe like 35 days all up. So there’s no way I would have known, there’s absolutely no way. And their only thing at immigration was well, it’s in your passport. And as I say, yes, I I know I’m at fault there. I just put my passport in my bag, collected my luggage, and carried on my little way when I arrived in Zambia. I didn’t, I never looked at it again. But I also would never have thought to have looked because the website tells me, immigration, national immigration website says 90 days. So I don’t really know how I could have avoided this. But yes, I was able to not have to pay any fines despite him threatening and he had to obviously called some manager or something. But it was not a nice surprise when I was trying to leave the country. Yeah, I just don’t feel welcome. It was not handled at all well. I also feel like I’m not the only person that’s even made this mistake and it is, it’s just a nice little loophole that they have in. A further way to make money. Yeah, it just sort of leaves a sour taste in one’s mouth when you don’t have the information. You have to magically know where to go to extend it without any information. And it’s not like it”s a shame, it really is a shame. Now, I’m onto the next adventure. All right, we’ll see you in the next video.

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  2. hey i am Zambian, it's unfortunate you had that experience with the immigration at the airport and i understand how that can definitely discourage you from wanting to visit again . i just want to let you know that you can always come back to Zambia and have a good time here, those immigration officers do not represent the general warmth and hospitality of the majority of the Zambian citizens which am sure you have witnessed. hoping to see you some day pa Zed one love .

  3. On airport they charge 50$ .in 30 days you go many place in Zambia ,Lusaka ,livestone ,Victoria fall ,beautiful place there ,and peoples are also very friendly .

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