Zermatt Before the Tourists?

Zermatt Before the Tourists?

I’m Rick Steves, I’m in the shelter of a centuries-old
hut high above Zermatt where all the tourism is. I’m on a hike with Amadé Perrig. Amadé, guten tag. Amadé: Guten tag. Rick: Hey, Amadé, what is this plate here,
this stone plate, what is this for? Amadé: In the old days when the people were
living around here in Zermatt then they had then, the old sausage, dry meat and all kind
of things. To keep them nice and clean, they put in this
storage house. That not get the mouse or the rats into, then
they build these nice of stones because then the rat and the mouse they can’t climb over. Rick: Okay. This hut, centuries ago, was for corn, for
cheese, for drying meat. Amadé: Exactly. A storage house to clean, to keep everything
is clean. Because they didn’t climb over and they couldn’t
get in there. Rick: Okay. These timbers, these mighty timbers are what
kind of wood? Amadé: Oh, my gosh, that is from here from
the area, one of our main trees, it’s a large tree. Rick: If we look around, so these are large
trees? Amadé: That’s a large tree. But these trees that you see now, they’re
are still in a wintertime. They’re nice and green. Rick: Historically, you had large trees. These are hand-hewn centuries ago. You had granite because it grows here. You don’t have modern tiles; you have stone
roofs. You have rocks on the stones. Why are the rocks on the stones? Amadé: They’re all coming from around this
area here. Because everything that they built was around
in the area because they had no transportation. How could they transport them, everything? You had to carry, then you take that, that
one is just around. Rick: This is zero-kilometer architecture. Amadé: Exactly. Rick: The people would eat zero-kilometer
food. Everything was local. And when we look here, we can imagine the
economy of the area around Zermatt centuries ago, before ski lifts brought in all of the
industry today. Amadé, thank you very much. Amadé: Thank you.

31 thoughts on “Zermatt Before the Tourists?

  1. I went to that small village once around the age of 6 with my family. Incredibly friendly people, an unbelievable view of the Matterhorn and the greatest fondue I've ever had. A truly remarkable place.

  2. Hard to believe Airbnb even there. That's the time to go right there, but I guess this is May? If you put the 'when' in the description that would be helpful. Looks like things haven't changed much there in 300 years, really nice place to get away from it all.

  3. Steve. These structures always amaze me every time I’ve seen them in Zermatt. I fell as though I’ve stepped back in time. πŸ₯¨

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