This is live You can Experiment I’m Katt. I’m Here to help you out on Your Journey to conservation Veganism zero waste Scuba diving or anything Like that so please feel free to Subscribe give me a like leave me a comment What Else You’d like to see next Hello It’S a Very exciting day Today Because i’m going to be showing you how to travel zero waste so i’ve Been traveling From The Age of one month Two months Thank you to my parents i Visited about 36 countries in the World so i think i’m Pretty Good at traveling I’ve Been trying To travel zero waste now for about the past year and a Half Trick so today i wanted to share with you how to travel a zero waste as you can in particular Airplane Edition The first Thing That you’re gonna do is Get Your Ticket Nowadays you can Get Your e-Ticket Which is a Really Great Way to minimize Paper Waste However Unfortunately Many Airports do Still want to print out a Physical Ticket but you can’t Help That Secondly Whenever You go onto the plane especially For me the planes are Generally long and i Get Hungry so i don’t like Paying the Ridiculous Amount of Money For the bad Food on the plane so Instead i take up my own Food Now this is the big thing How do you take Your own Food on the plane i like packing Sandwiches and wrapping them in little Tissues as You can See Here i Just wrapped it in an old Pair of Shorts Which i Converted into a Handkerchief wrapped It Up and then Kept It in My reusable Bag if Your career is how to make These reusable Bags This is a Bag made Out of the t-Shirt and you can Check out the video in the zero-waste produce Bags They’re Very Handy to have on a plane if You choose not to? take a Meal from a Plane since There’s a Lot of single-Use Unfortunately Most Likely It’s going to be Thrown Out so That’s Just something to consider that Whether or not you Actually eat youR meal That One meal Is going to be wasted per the seat In some companies They Actually make sure to recycle it after the plane but you’re going to have to Check With The Airline you’re flying in Here’s some of The Airlines i found that Actually do Recycle Meals Afterwards so maybe if you do have the option if you do have the money You’d want To be picking one of these the next Thing of Course is planes dehydrate you so it’s important to drink a Lot of Water Unfortunately Most Planes Give You Those single-use plastic cups so you definitely want to avoid That What you can do is bring in an empty or reusable Water bottle with Great Security codes Up to the no liquids rule and then Most Airports Actually Have The taps to fill up your water bottle there before you go you also want To make sure that Wherever you’re going you bring all the Things Necessary with you for Example homemade repellents On this trip i’m going to cambodia so making sure to make my own homemade or pellets At home put them in my Checked in luggage so i don’t have to rebuy these I also make sure to bring my zero waste Toothbrush so it’s a biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush My zero waste toothpaste Which i got from zero waste Beauty australia and of course a handsome So i’m a Really Great use for the bag and on Certain Planes Such as Qantas they Actually give You the Meals a Little reusable Bags Like This since I’m Vegan i gets a Special meal It comes Out first Which is great Another Really Handy Thing to plate it’s Just some sort of Big Shawl or Light Towel I Get Very cold on plants so having one of those to wrap Around you is really Beneficial Along with that a small Handkerchief Again as You can see i made it from the old Pair of Shorts to have if You ever Need to blow your nose Or anything Like That the last Thing i wanted to touch upon of Course Was Medication so i keep My medication and Again Another reusable Bag Like This this one can’t remember is this immerse This One i Got from emirates Where They give you those Little Pouches Just want to remind you and Kind of remember that You have to be kind? you can’t Always do everything Zero Waste and Just The fact that you’re watching this video or trying to go zero waste Is an Enormous step in the right Direction Medication has to be packaged Separately in a Lot of single-use packaging but if you need it It’s what you got to do and That’s okay so i always Bring My medication in one of These Bags Along With me so yeah Thank you so much for watching Thank you so much for watching

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  1. Hi I love your channel xx your so pretty ❤️ I have subscribed xx it would be great if you could check out my channel and maybe subscribe xx thanks so much xx bye ❤️

  2. Great travel tips. I'm not sure if we can bring food into the airport in the UK, but it was great advice anyway. They make things really complicated especially with air flights. I don't think I've actually seen a water dispenser in any UK airport either… Hmmm 🤔

  3. Thanks for the vid! Your accent sounds curiously American with Australian overtones. Your “r” is a lot harsher than the average American though.

  4. Awesome video guys! We're 100% focused on eco-travel here at Epic Eco Travel. Do you mind if we share this video on our Facebook page? Thanks for helping make the world a better place!

  5. lol, this does not work if your country is friends with russia. you get treated like a dog and you are not allowed to bring in any food or liquids

  6. Hold on, you only have like 2k subs?! I just found your channel and thought you had like 500k or higher! This channel needs more love!

  7. Some people have life threatening allergies to nuts and in an enclosed space is even worse, so please, be aware of this when taking nuts in the airplane 🙂

  8. Thank you for acknowledging that medications are often a necessity for people trying to reduce their waste. I get a lot of crap from some people I know for my medication bottles being waste but I'd go blind without the meds and I reuse the bottle for small storage or quarters for parking meters or put the ones that are recyclable right in there!

  9. i took your advice and started to ask on the plane ( one has to order before) the vegan ( vegetarian food). It looks much better, more colorful, more tasty and i see how my neighbors are looking at my food …and obviously would like to swish it with me. and it does not have so much plastic…

  10. I'm just started my zero waste journey few months ago and I am planning a plane trip in the next couple months. Maybe for non zero waste people they might find it riddiculous but I do concern about the food on plane which are serve in single-use plastics packaging. This video gives me an idea. Yeah there are always choices to choose. My question is how do you deal with lohg haul flight which takes more than 15 hourse and requires several meals, I don't think to spend a 15 hours lobf flight with a sandwich

  11. If you’re a journaler, paste your ticket into your spread so you don’t have to toss it. 😊✈️💕🌱

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