Zhiyun Weebill Lab | Best Compact Travel Gimbal?

Zhiyun Weebill Lab | Best Compact Travel Gimbal?

100 thoughts on “Zhiyun Weebill Lab | Best Compact Travel Gimbal?

  1. I love the fact you are pro 2nd amendment and took the time to diss the anti 2nd comment in your video. Think you became my favorite channel with that comment lol. Keep on rocking it brotha. Also, I need one of these for my firearm videos!!!

  2. Hi, I am a fan of content to offer and congratulations. Get a Nikon 750 camera. Become like you. Can you help me? I do not have money to buy camcorder. ? ?

  3. question, let's say my camera's battery dies. I know with a gimbal you have to re-balance it when you take the camera off to swap the battery and put it back on the gimbal. Since this has the locks, could you lock it in place before you take your camera off, and put the camera back on without re-balance the gimbal? Please excuse the stupidity of my question, but I know very little about gimbals. This seems like it would work to me, but most of the times thing I just think should work, even though I don't understand why. Oddly enough don't lol. I plan to get a BMCC4K if I can ever find one in stock. I know the battery life blows, and I don't really like the idea of having to spend like 15 minutes getting a gimbal balanced only to have to do it all over again in 30 minutes because the battery's dead and needs to be swapped.

  4. For juggling – You need this book:

  5. Love your channel, but watching skate boards shot from a gimbals is getting terribly old and boring. Actually I'm returning my Moza Air 2 (it's battery cover is jammed on) and decided to not replace it. Sort of like time-lapses, just not terribly exciting anymore. Next topic?

  6. The weebill lab has bugs, it's a waste of my time to test it. It's irresponsible for a manufactuter to let such kind of gimbal into the market.

  7. So it's better to buy the Moza air or Moza air 2? – thinking of the follow mode issue that'll be a biggie for me.

  8. Hey, cool video. Thanks! Does the Zhiyun Weebill Lab works with the Sony A73 + FE 24-105mm f4? Couldn't find it in the list. Best, Pascal

  9. Great video, can this handle the payload of gh5 combined with a hotshoe mount holding a rode VMP and a light?

  10. Hello Potato Jet! Thanks for this video! Do you think the Weebill Lab can support a super lightweight camera like an M50 with its kit lens?

  11. I have a problem with the Weebill lab. I connected it to the ZY Play app to adjust the smoothness and speed settings for the pan and tilt axes. However it just works when the ZY Play app is connected to the gimbal, when I turn off the app the settings on the gimbal are resetted. This was not the case with my old Zhiyun Crane V2, which saved the settings even without using the app. Does anybody know how to save the settings?

  12. hi nice video! thank you. Is it enough motor power or space with Eos R,cannon 35mm 1.4 lens?

  13. Im have a sony a7rii + sigma 35mm 1.4. Do you think the weebel will be ok with that setup. Thanks in advance

  14. Would you recommend webill lab for canon 70d with 17-55mm tamron? In other words, loading a setup that weighs 1.5kg to 2kg be okay?

  15. So Im just starting my channel for Single Dad's to help encourage them to not give up and stay in their kids lives. As Im a single dad I dont have much $ to buy equipment. I just bought a new P.C. for editing and a Nikon 5600. I really want the weebill gimbal after watching your review and alot more equipment. To the point do you have any old equipment or demo equipment you could donate to me. Kids really need both parents and the California court system really destroys Fathers lives just to keep them away. Ive fought in court for 25 years fir both my kids. If you caan help great if not I understand your channel has inspired me to go for it. I live in North County San Diego so I can drive up and meet you if you choose to help. Thanks.
    The Papa Posse… ( Ernie ) [email protected]

  16. I just read the compatabilities list and the CANON EOS M3 isn't part of it. It's too bad, I was hoping it was 'cause it's the only VLOGGING camera I have. One day, I hope it will be

  17. Potato Jet March 2019: Why do you like watching me get tortured all the time? May 2019: Breaks arm and is Wrecked! lol You're dedication is on point!!

  18. Potato jet: weebill lab is good
    Me: buys Weebill lab ✔️
    Get premier and makes a video ✔️


    Overall. Yup I recommend it also for the Sony A7III. Great video ? ✈️

  19. My guess is follow mode doesn’t work in low angle mode? Or has Zhiyun updated the gimbal firmware to allow this mode to be “locked on” so you don’t need to keep pressing the button?

  20. It's important to point out some quality concerns. I am a Weeble owner. Straight out of the box I had a problem with the plate tightening screws. Zhyun was kind enough to send a replacement part from China. Also, it would no longer start up after about 4 weeks of use and needed to be sent in for repair. The insured shipping (at my cost) is expensive. If I had to do it over I would definitely buy something more rugged and time tested.

  21. I just got this gimbal yesterday. Does anyone have trouble with lock mode not working? When I'm in lock mode, sometimes it will float all the way around to selfie mode. Not sure if I'm missing something on setup or if I have a defective one.

  22. Terrible product. Search how many people have the X error! And their service sucks. They always say “contact your seller for repair”. The seller isn’t responsible for repair! Especially amazon!
    It’s the last time I buy this.

  23. Pretty upset with this Gimbal. After all the positive reviews, I was under the impression that this would work well with my sony a7iii and a few standard light weight lenses. This, unfortunately, turned out to be false. Even after a near perfect balance, with the kit lens, it operates decent at best. As you get closer to a five pound weight load functionality decreases greatly. Most lenses don't even fit on this set up not due to weight, but due to size. This is due to flawed motor placement. Honestly, I could see this working decently with more compact cameras, but the fact that this was marketed as otherwise is untrustworthy and costed me $500. Zhiyun won't reply to my requests for a refund. All and all my advice is never buy an early product from Zhiyun it seems like they do shifty things to increase sales. Unfortunately for me, I fell victim to these shifty practices by purchasing an item that was falsely advertised as something that would meet my needs. Now I'm stuck with this piece of equipment with no resolve from Zhiyun.

  24. I am a big fan of you.
    Just honestly tell me something.
    Is this gimbal working with Canon Eos 750d DSLR with 18 to 55 kit lens?

    According to you answer
    I will decide to purchase or not.

    I alread purchased G6 plus gimbal.
    And this gimbal is not working my camera?

  25. I watched this video twice now. I could've swore you shared a screenshot of your settings for the Weeboll but I didn't notice them the 2nd time thru :/

  26. Hey Potato Jet, thanks for your videos. Do you think you could do a comparison video with the Moza Air Cross vs. the Zhiyun Weebill Lab? These are both 2 lbs compact gimbals and fairly the same budget too. I'd love to hear more about their different user experience, apps and modes available. Thaaaaanks!

  27. Hello boss, I have a canon 80d is the crane 2 gimbal good for it or with one can you really recommend me. Please help me.

  28. I am using Lumix GH3, and looking for a gimbal for it. Does Weebill Lab support it? If I lower the camera to the ground level, will the back motor be block by the camera body???

  29. @potato jet

    Hello looking to purchase one of the lut kits .

    I have the Sony a6400.

    Are the origin8 luts usable with a6400? Or should I buy the A6400 labeled one . Only asking because the origin 8 comes with 8 and the A6400 lut package comes with 3.

    Thanks in adavanced.

  30. I really need to learn… And I learnt a lot from you. Do you first think what to say before shooting or is' everything you say is instantaneous?

  31. the sony remote control would work better than that seemingly tearable wireless monitor through the gimbal's HDMI port

  32. Now subscribed finding a fellow gun owner.
    i love to shoot people, with my cameras.
    only shoot targets, with my guns.
    Insert :you had me in first half not gonna lie:

  33. como fazer um video sensato e com explicações que realmente importam.
    obrigado por ser a unica pessoa sensata a fazer um video sobre esse gimbal.

  34. Hi, does the weebill work on the EOS-R with a Canon L 16-35 2.8 lens/adaptor? Can you balance this. Also can you start/stop recording using the buttons on de weebill, can you connect it to the EOS R?

  35. Will you please help me gene… ? I am loooking for my first gimbal ever, and i wanna know if can we use all the functions of weebill lab with m50? Thanks in advance.

  36. potato can u help me? i have a message on screen with a X and the gimbal dont work, did you know what that message "X" means?

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