Zurich Travel Guide

Zurich Travel Guide

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  1. I'm pretty sure that there was no Chicken in the Hiltl Restaurant. They take much pride in being the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe, so for them to serve Chicken would be beyond believable.

  2. 08:55 The Lindenhof isn't a park, it's what remains of Zurich's oldest structures built approximately 60 BC by the Romans. They called the settlement Turicum and today's Lindenhof used to be part of a toll station fortification of the Roman Empire.

    10:20 The Niederdorf/Oberdorf can hardly be called "redlight district". If you are looking for that go to the "Langstrasse". Zurich just isn't very prudish. 😉

  3. thank u very much for your great video.. from which I can make a plan for myself next April.. have a nice day

  4. You’re info has been very useful. I used the angel to start off my Zurich exploration and had tasty lunch at Manora. Paid 5 francs to walk up a very steep stairs to the top of Grossmünster. Nice views.

  5. I also like the water fountains on the Bahnhofstrasse and near Fraumünster. I brought an empty bottle from Australia and other tourists watched in envy and heard them say they wished they brought a bottle.

  6. Hiltl isn't a restaurant: it's a Zurich institution. Cheap it ain't — nothing in Z-town is, really, we've established that. But they do vegetarian like nobody else does vegetarian.

  7. 8:48 When Topher attacks…We are transiting through Zurich and have 2 nights in the city after returning from Berner Oberland. I'll admit, I'm not overly excited about Zurich, but we may be surprised. Thanks for another quality video.

  8. Beside the typical Tourist places, there are also some great seasonal activities in other areas. During summer, I would recommend to enjoy some of the public swimming places on the lake (Badi Enge, Uto-Badi, Mythenquai etc.) as well as in the Limmat-River. Especially a little bit further down the river, you have the two places called "Oberer Letten" and "Underer Letten". It is really a very special feeling, chilling in the middle of the city on the river. Most of the public swimming places are also worth a visit in the evening, when they all transform to a open air bar experience (Frauenbadi, Rimini, Letten etc.). Also, worth a visit is the ETH Zurich Terrasse (Polyterrasse) that offers a really nice view over Zurich. You could get there by using the "Central Polybahn". Another nice area is the urban district "Zurich West". There are tons of nice restaurants and bars as well as some urban shopping places (Viaduktstrasse). You could visit the "Prime Tower" that has a nice bar with another great view over Zurich (but a very different angle as usual). If you are in that area, have a look at "Frau Gerolds Garten", another great open air place. Also, despite that some people just talk very negative about the Langstrasse, there are also some really nice restaurants and very cool bars. Yes, the Red Light district is also there, but there are plenty of other really great places in this area, where "normal" people of Zurich meet each other.

  9. Thank you for the guide, you are one of the BEST Travel Guide I know. We are going to spend 2 days in Zurich, I am looking for affordable place to stay. Any suggestion?

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